I wonder..

Heyy this the second last semester which is sem 6 and. nothing.on.this.campus.make.me.feel.interested.to.

Why everybody needs to complete bachelor year for 3/4 years? 2 years is enough laaa kot. Im not interested anymore in studies. I wannaa moneyy and I need to do business. I dont want to see assignments or group discussion or any tests and exam Hmmmmmph :(

And I want to get married. 22 years and 6 months already. Feel shame because still cannot do like the old GadisMelayu dulu-dulu did. Tahu masak every lauk. Tahu menjahit. And me..just now how to handle midterms and quizzes.

I wanna get married and have sons and daughters. Hmmm.. need to work hard, earn lotsaaa money.

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